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Cases We Have Handled

The following cases are actual examples of the cases that have been successfully handled by our firm.  [Note:  In some cases the terms of confidential settlement agreements prevent us from disclosing the named or terms of the settlements.]


Female Security Officer v. Private Security Firm
Outcome:  Confidential Settlement
Case Settled:  November, 2009

Plaintiff, an African-American female, was hired as a driver and security officer for a national security firm.  After being hired, she was subjected to sexual and racial harassment.

After complaining to her supervisors, Plaintiff was denied insurance benefits as well as safety equipment that was available to other (male) security officers, and was assigned to the shifts and routes that were regarded as being the most dangerous.  After complaining, acid was poured onto Plaintiff's car in the company parking lot which was routinely monitored by cameras.  (The security corporation, however, stated that the cameras had either not captured the images, or had not been working that day.)

After Plaintiff's car was vandalized, Plaintiff requested time-off work to see a doctor.  After requesting time-off, Plaintiff was subjected to a surprise drug test (which she passed) and was terminated.

After filing a lawsuit, completing written discovery, and taking depositions, this case was successfully resolved at mediation with the employee receiving a six-figure settlement.


Hurlbut et al. v. Joshua Bredehoft, et al.
Los Angeles Superior Court Case: BC400254
Judgment Entered: November 11, 2010

This case arose then a recent college graduate responded to a job posting that claimed to be seeking a "personal assistant" for an alleged music business celebrity (known as Josh Bredehoft and/or "Josh B.").  Applicants were prompted to provide their private information (address, social security number, etc.) and were required to work for free for a "trial period."

AFter applying for the job, the two Plaintiffs were awakened in the middle of the might to find the alleged music celebrity's body guard had entered into their home -- with their posse (all dressed in black) behind them.  Plaintiffs sued Bredehoft for (1) Misrepresentation(Fraud) and False Imprisonment.  After a two-day court trial, the judge found for Plaintiffs and a judgment was entered against Joshua Bredehoft.


Executive Assistant v. Property Management Company
No Lawsuit Was FIled
Date Resolved:  March 2011

This case involved a high-level executive assistant who worked as an Executive Assistant to the elderly president of a property management company.  Plaintiff claimed she was subjected to harassing comments and was terminated shortly after complaining to human resources.  

Prior to filing a lawsuit, the Law Offices of Ann A. Hull contacted the former employer, who agreed to attempt to resolve the case outside of court.  WIthout admitting wrongdoing, the employer agreed to provide the former employee with compensation in exchange for an agreement not to sue.  

This is a good example of both parties taking action so that the filing of a lawsuit was not required.  All parties win in a situation like this because litigation money is saved and there is no public record of the dispute.


FIve Hourly Employees v. National Food and Beverage Company
(Confidential Settlement)
Case Settled:  August of 2010

This case involved a major food and beverage corporation that was undergoing a corporate restructuring.  After the corporation brought in younger managers, five long-term employees (all with excellent records of service) began receiving unfavorable performance reviews and were subjected to harassment.  Four of the employees were over 40.

After complaining about their treatment, some were terminated or issued performance improvement plans ("PIP").  Two were transferred to less desirable positions. 

After filing one lawsuit, and preparing it for trial, the corporation offered settlements to all of the employees.


Accounting Manager v. Software Development Firm
Lawsuit Filed in Los Angeles Superior Court
(Confidential Settlement)
Case Settled:  March 2010

This case involved a fast-growing software company.  Plaintiff was one of the first 50 employees of the corporation.  As a manager, Plaintiff often worked from 6:00 a.m., and then continued working until 11:00 p.m. after going home.  She also often worked on Saturdays.

The accounting manager's problems grew after the company hired a new boss that sexually harassed her.  When she complained, a newly hired HR-manager tried to force Plaintiff to quit by assigning her more work than she could complete.  Plaintiff eventually had to take time off of work on orders of her doctor due to work-related exhaustion and stress.

The the accounting manager returned to work after a (very brief) leave, the new boss and new HR manager attempted to demote Plaintiff.  They also stripped the accounting manager's office of all of her work tools (such as pens, paper, and even the keyboard to her computer), and then complained when her work was not completed.

After filing a lawsuit, completing written discovery, and taking depositions, this case was successfully resolved at mediation.  The employee was awarded a six-figure settlement.


Resident Property Manager v. Inglewood Apartment Complex Owner
(No Lawsuit Filed)
Case Settled:  2009

Plaintiff was hired to be a resident manager of an apartment complex in Inglewood.  The property's owner promised that Plaintiff would receive free rent in return for working 10 to 20 hours a week.  [Note:  The law requires that a residential manager of apartments over a certain size: (1) live on the premises,  (2.) be paid at least minimum wage.  Only a small amount of the rental value of the manager's unit can be applied toward the wages.]  Shortly after being hired, the resident manager found himself being required to work over 40 hours a week.  

We contacted the property owner and arranged for a confidential, out-of-court settlement.


This is just a small number of the cases we have handled.  For more information about our services, please contact our office.

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